Friday, December 4, 2009

New Texture Freebie!

I haven't gotten much done lately as far as photoshop goes. It's been pretty busy around the house, but today is nice and quiet so who knows what will happen?

We had a wonderful session last week with Mom & Pops as well as one with all the kiddos. It was so warm and nice that day so everything was near perfect for shooting. I got a few that I'm pretty proud of. I still have a whole bunch to edit. But with the kiddos gone for the weekend I'm counting on finishing up this set. Then it's back to more textures, a couple tutorials coming soon as well as me discovering how to make my own actions. I'm a bit worried about that one. But I'm gonna tackle it!

I used this new texture on that last one. Aren't the purple tones just gorgeous?
Here's the brand spankin' new texture as promised!

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