Sunday, November 29, 2009

Holiday Card Template - Freebie!!!

It's been a busy week around the house with all the kiddos home from school for Thanksgiving vacation. But we've had some time to get a nice shoot done with all of them as well as their Nana and Pops. I managed to find time to create a holiday card template that's sized for a 5x5 tri-fold for WHCC. Hopefully I'll have a couple more coming up this week. I wonder if there are any particular sizes that anybody would like... If so, don't hesitate to let me know so I can design some in the sizes you use. I need some ideas!!! What kind of colors, themes, etc. do you like to see on holiday cards?

I'm getting a bit bored of my same o' textures too, so I think I'll have to put my creativity cap on and make some more.

Here's a preview of the first (of many I hope) template!

I should probably mention that the fonts will only work if you already happen to have them installed on your computer. If you don't have them you can get them at You can download the psd files here.


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