Sunday, November 22, 2009

Where does the time go? Free textures!!

It's been busy around here lately. I haven't even found time to make a post!

I was so excited yesterday to discover Felix's new tooth. He's been chewing on everything for months now so I didn't think it was coming anytime soon but he started chewing on my little finger and I felt something hard. Yay! Maybe now he won't be so fussy.

I had a texture pack I was working on called "Fairy Tale" but it's saved on the other computer which I can't use because the battery is dead and the ac adapter died! I'm just full of excuses, ain't I?

But I have created two other new textures in the little free time I have had lately. I used them for Felix's pictures last week.

Of course I had to do a storyboard with the free action I got from Rita at Coffeeshop. Wouldn't you like one of these?

Isn't he gorgeous? I've been wanting to do some shots of him with his favorite toy. He loves his Haba Kringelring. I love that it's not plastic.

I also found a tie that I thought would make a really cute prop. And it did... until he tore it apart.

I just love his expressions lately.

Alright, alright, I'll stop showing off my son and get to the point.

Here are the textures! Click on them to download.

I'm off to work on our Holiday Card! Have a great weekend everybody!

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