Monday, February 22, 2010

Groovy Baby Action

I'm so sorry, followers. Life has kept me busy, and I haven't really been up to blogging, but I promise, that's going to change. So for being loyal, here's a brand new action set just for you! Ok, well it's for everybody, but since you follow this blog, you'll see it first. So you can stick your tongue out all all the not so lucky people who know nothing about this secret little back of the woods unknown blog. See, there are some pros to following a blog that nobody else knows about.

I know I promised a toolkit, but when I get in photoshop, my mind goes completely blank. I might just be taking my mad (cough) skills for granted and assuming that everybody knows how to do most of the things I do while barely thinking. So that might just be the place to start. And as soon as I get my laundry done, floors mopped, dinner prepared, noses wiped, homework checked, and have about 5 minutes to myself (sorta) I'll sit down tonight and make a list of things that might just be handy when automated. Now, if only life were that easy. Do they have a photoshop plugin for dinner? I'm totally at a loss.

Anyway... here's the action set and preview so you can kinda see what it does. Ciao for now!!

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